Balsam Bashing Plan Timeline

Last updated 13 May 2021

Phase 0 Preparation April – May

AprilPublicity communication plan developed aimed at publicising the project and recruiting volunteers.  This will reflect the overall plan and be an ongoing activity until the end.All areasAll Groups
AprilLocal Media all this will be identified and offered an article explaining the project and asking for volunteers.
An article has been submitted to Andy Fraser at BS9 for inclusion in the June Edition of BS9.
All areasPR expert?
AprilOwnership allocate each part of the river system to a group who will be responsible for managing local activities.All areasAll Groups
AprilReconnaissance identify the level of balsam infestation everywhere.  Supplemented by experience from previous observation. This is reflected in the map.All areasAll Groups
AprilDocument maps showing levels of infestation produced. Nearly Complete.All areasLiz Viggars + support
AprilDefine types of land that can’t be cleared until small birds have finished nesting. See Map.N/ARoger experts
AprilConstraints: map those areas that can’t be cleared until birds have finished nesting. See Map.All areasAll Groups
AprilDefine what is required in the volunteer register.N/A??
MayRecruitment create and start maintaining a list of volunteers.N/A??
MayTraining: Define requirements.N/A??
MaySign up sheet define requirements and content.N/AAll Groups
MaySign up sheet agreed.N/AAll Groups
MayStart signing people up and recording.All areasAll Groups
May Identify balsam that can be cleared in June.All areasAll Groups
May Identify dates and times for balsam clearance events in June.  All areasAll Groups
Phase 0 Preparation April – May

Phase 1 First Clearance June – August (mid)

In this phase we will clear all the balsam we can find.  We will need to wait until July before tackling the areas where we are constrained by the birds or other things..

Phase 2 Follow-up Clearance July – September

After initial clearance there should be a follow-up after six weeks.  So that those areas that were cleared in mid August will need to be revisited at the end of September.

Phase 3 Final Clearance October

Balsam can grow and produce seed until October.  Through October we will revisit the whole system looking for late flowering Balsam.