Balsam Map 2022

Last year, more than 110 volunteers spent 750 hours finding and removing the Himalayan Balsam from the whole of the River Trym and Hazel Brook. The map below shows where we found the most Balsam and where we will need to concentrate our efforts this year.

Himalayan Balsam has been identified earlier this year (4 April). We expect to be clearing Himalayan Balsam from May until October.

It shouldn’t take as long this year as relatively few plants set seed last year. We found very little on 8 May this year when we walked from the Mill House pub on Shirehampton Road through Coombe Dingle and up to the area around the Confluence. We need to be vigilant though as seeds from previous years will still be viable.

If you find some Himalayan Balsam anywhere along the river – please fill in our monitoring form. To update us on Balsam that you’ve cleared, please fill in our progress report form.

You can get involved by emailing We will put you in touch with the group that is managing the area you are interested in.

Zoom in to see where we’re expecting to spend time this year

Last year’s key stands shown below