There have been two reports commissioned recently about the Trym river system. There is also regular reporting of water quality by government bodies.

The Wild Trout Trust Report

This was paid for by the Environment Agency, it is a thorough review of the situation of the river in January 2019.

The Wild Trout Trust are a fantastic resource for how to improve river systems for for the benefit of their ecology.

Executive Summary

Habitat quality in the River Trym and its tributary, the Hazel Brook,is limited by numerous historic channel modifications including hard engineering, artificial weirs and other modifications that suppress natural channel morphology and limit the abundance and diversity of habitat niches. Additionally, both waterbodies showsigns of significant water quality problems originating from urban run-off, and household/industrial mis-connections.

Nonetheless, the river can support wild fish and has great potential for improvement. Engaging with water companies, the Local Authority, Environment Agency, and local communities will be key to identifying and addressingsources of pollution. Local NGOs such as Avon Wildlife Trust and Bristol Avon Rivers Trust will be invaluable sources of information, advice and support for improving habitat quality and connectivity. The Wild Trout Trust can also provide further specialist advice and support going forward.

Setting achievable short-term goals will be important in progressing improvements within the catchment but it will also be importantto establish ambitious, long term goals to work towards. There is no reason why the Trym couldn’t one day be a well-connected, well-protectedand biodiverse ecosystem with the habitats, plants and invertebrates required to support a self-sustaining wild trout population.

The Survey can be found here Wild Trout Trust Report.

Environment Agency Data for the Trym

This link takes you to the Environment Agency Website.