The Mouth of the Trym and Sea Mills

Map showing the end of the Trym where it meets the Avon next to Sea Mills railway station

The Trym entering the Avon as seen from the Somerset side of the Avon

The picture shows the railway bridge over the Trym. The line runs from Bristol Temple Meads to Severn Beach. Behind the railway line is the Portway running between Bristol Harbour and Avonmouth, it carries the A4.

A very high tide underneath the Portway near Sea Mills Station

Occasionally with a spring tide the exceptionally high tide overtops that barrier at the mouth of the Trym, this would allow fish from the Avon to enter the Trym river system. The two pictures above show that there can be tremendous differences in the level of the Trym at its confluence with the Avon.

Other Activity in this Section of the Trym

There are two parts of the Trym that are called Trym Valley, on is in Sea Mills and the other is Southmead. Recently there have been a lot of trees planted in the Sea Mills Trym valley and the plan is for the area around the Trym to become far more wooded to invigorate the ecology of the area.