What is ‘Trout in the Trym’ About?

Trout in the Trym is a project to improve the ecology of the Trym rivers system in north Bristol.

Over the last few year various groups have been clearing litter and other rubbish from the Trym and its main tributary Hazel Brook. Although restoring trout to the Trym is the ultimate goal, we know that it will be very hard to achieve. However, the good people of the Wild Trout Trust say it is possible!

Map showing the River Trym and its tributary Hazel Brook.

In this picture there are the two bridges over the Trym, the A4 portway from Cumberland Basin in Bristol to Avonmouth and the railway line from Temple Meads to Severn Beach.

Serious work to clear the River of rubbish started in July 2018 when the section of the river from the Avon to edge of the Blaise Estate was cleared. About 3 tonnes of rubbish were removed.

Environment Agency Data for the Trym