Water quality reporting

The Environment Agency says the Trym’s ecological status is “Moderate”. Water quality is variable, sometimes poor, affecting fish and other wildlife. The Trym and Hazel Brook are affected by runoff from roads/carparks, sewage overflows and illegal dumping (eg paint poured down drains by trades-people or residents). Improving water quality is a vital aspect of restore the river/brook to health. https://environment.data.gov.uk/catchment-planning/WaterBody/GB109053027530

Any waterbody not meeting “Good” ecological status is classified as failing under the European Union’s Water Framework Directive. The UK Government has stated it’s aim is that all waterbodies meet “Good” Ecological Status by 2027.

Water quality sampling and reporting makes issues visible to the authorities and to the public. Trout in the Trym members contribute to this important work and we track this via:

Riverfly – the abundance of aquatic invertebrates (eg freshwater shrimps, mayflies) indicates water quality. Samples are taken in the Trym and Hazel Brook local volunteers. Latest information via this link:


Waterblitz data – phosphate, nitrate and pollution information is collected by local volunteers and is visible via this link:


Sewage overflow information – is collated annually by the Rivers Trust, take a look via this link:


Action we can take

A few simple actions can make a real difference to help our rivers and streams (saving the contact numbers below on your mobile makes this easy).

If you see Sewage/sewage debris in the river/by manhole covers – call Wessex Water on:  0345 600 4 600


If you see other pollution (eg oil, paint), dead fish/fish gasping for air, etc – call the Environment Agency on:   0800 80 70 60


Encourage everyone to only put the 3 Ps (Pee, Poo or Paper) down the toilet.  Everything else – such as wet wipes – leads to blocked pipes and sewage in rivers/the sea. Never dispose of paint, oil or chemicals down a drain. If you employ a builder or painter ask them to dispose of any waste responsibly.