Balsam Map 2021

The map shows the latest position. Pink markers show where there is Balsam ready to be pulled now. Amber markers show where work is in progress, while green markers show where we have cleared the Balsam or haven’t found any yet.

If you find some Himalayan Balsam anywhere along the river – please fill in our monitoring form. To update us on Balsam that you’ve cleared, please fill in our progress report form.

You can get involved by emailing We will put you in touch with the group that is managing the area you are interested in.

Latest Updates

SectionWhereWhatDetailsWhenNext steps
Blaise EstateConfluence Rope Swing (or meet at Dingle Car Park. Event ScheduledSignificant stands being tackled. Some difficult to reach among the nettles - steep bank up from the river. Sunday 1/8 11am
Henbury Golf CourseNear 7th Tee. See map for meeting pointEvent Scheduled'Masses of Balsam, some in flower'. Should be able to tackle in 1 session - needs to be accessed from the riverFriday 30/7 10.15 (Reported 18/7. Reviewed 23/7)
Blaise Estate Stratford Mill - HenburyWest Bank - towards first path switchbackBalsam Found - now clearedVery large plants in flower. Difficult to access due to crumbly slope. Usual nettles etc. Cleared 25/7 (one plant remaining not in flower!)Monitor - return for final plant
Shirehampton Rd - Dingle Car Park
Balsam Found - Action RequiredReported 19/6/21:larger clumps, right down the banks both sides. SMCDCAG to coordinate TBC
Shirehampton Rd - Dingle Car Parkabode.ready.string
Balsam Found - action required5 or 6 plants growing high up - that were not tackled on 26/6. Better equipment required (long litter picker?)TBC
Shirehampton Road - Dingle Car Parksung.mull.having
Balsam Found - action requirednot yet in flower and should be accessible via footpathidentified 17/7Clearance TBC
Crow Lane Open SpaceHarmer Close/Vimpany Close - Crow LaneActivity Report - Further action requiredLand clearance required for whole section. River clearance required from point reached 17/7Further clearance 28/7. More sessions required. Next event TBC
Blaise EstateMill House towards HenburyActivity ReportWhole area re-cleared25/7Further events to be scheduled
Shirehampton Road - Dingle Car Parkdiary.rather.bride

Activity ReportLong patch either side of river. Balsam approx 5 foot and flowering. Lots of nettles/brambles. Cleared 23/7
Grace Garden School GroundsMeet at Road Bridge Cherry Orchard Road off Canford Lane Activity reportEstablished stands with massive plants in flower cleared by team of 10Friday 23/7
Return in a month to check
Trym Valley
Activity ReportNo Balsam found!Checked 9/7, 20/6, 22/7Monitor
Blaise EstateConfluence (or meet at Dingle Car Park. Take middle path to the left of the rope swingActivity ReportBoth banks now tackled - some difficult plants still need to be reached -tall and in flower. Sunday 18/7
Tuesday 20/7
Sunday 25/7
Tuesday 27/7
Shirehampton Road - Dingle Car Parkbelts.preoccupied.held
Balsam Found - now clearedCleared by 2 people - mainly accessed with waders in the riverCleared 17/7Monitor
Crow Lane Open SpaceHarmer Close/Vimpany Close - Crow LaneActivity ReportCleared river to within 20m of bridge by Aldi. Saturday 17/7 10amNext event TBC
Grace Garden School GroundsAdjacent to Cherry Orchard Road off Canford Lane Activity ReportEfforts concentrated on western field (closest to Blaise). All flowering Balsam removed, but still some left.Partial Clearance 16/7
Blaise EstateConfluence Activity Reportsome substantial plants in amongst the nettles and in the river. Bashed 9-13/7
Identified 6/7
Next event 18/7 11am
Crow Lane Open SpaceTormarton Crescent - Harmer Close/Vimpany CloseActivity ReportBanks and river cleared between the two points. Lots in the river, not necessarily visible from banks. Somebody also cleared stand by the bridge next to Aldi. Further session needed to work down from Harmer Close/Vimpany Close to Crow Lane 11/7 11am-1pmNext Session 17/7 10am
Blaise EstateDingle Car ParkActivity ReportCleared area around Car park and river banks heading into Blaise - towards Confluence. 6 July at 6.30Monitor
Blaise Estate - Henbury Golf Clubadjacent to path from Canford Lane at the demolished residential home. 51.494885,-2.636512Balsam Found - Now ClearedA few plants emerging - lots of nettles/brambles. Sian to clear in the next week or soCleared 9/7Monitor
Blaise Estate Dingle Car ParkBalsam Found - Now ClearedReported 24/6: 4-6ft plants - established stand with nettles and bramblesCleared 6/7Monitor
Blaise EstateMill House towards HenburyActivity ReportFurther work on the worst stretch. Most cleared from East Bank, although still a need for somebody with waders to cover the whole river section. Further 2 hours or so required on East Bank at far end.2/7Further events to be scheduled
Blaise EstateMill House towards HenburyActivity Report227th Scouts session - continuing work of 27/6 - including some large plants cleared from West Bank. 1/7Further events scheduled.
Westbury VillageBehind BP garage on Falcondale RoadBalsam Found - Now ClearedIdentified 11/6 - several plants in and around the river. Cleared 25/625/6Monitor
Blaise EstateMill House towards HenburyActivity ReportSusWoT/Friends of Blaise Training Event 30 volunteers including the Lord Mayor who pulled the first Balsam of the day. Approximately half the Balsam cleared from this stretch.27/6 11am-1pmFurther events scheduled
Canford Road Bridge - Dingle Car ParkActivity ReportSea Mills and Coombe Dingle Climate Action Group Event - 12 volunteers covering Dingle Car Park to just beyond Canford Rd Bridge. 26/6 2pmMonitor and return for remaining plants
Shirehampton Rd - Dingle Car Park
Balsam Found - ClearedCleared on 26/6Monitor
Crow Lane Open Spacefiles.word.visual
Activity ReportSustainable Henbury and Brentry event. Balsam stands accessed from the river, lots of nettles, more to do.19/6/ 10amFurther Events Scheduled
Balsam Status Report
LocationStatusSite Constraints2021 ActivityResource Required
Portway to Trym Cross RoadVery little Balsam identified in previous yearsLimited scrubFrom June 2021Monitors
Trym Cross Road to Shirehampton Road BridgeLimited Balsam - increasing density towards Shirehampton Rd.Limited scrubFrom June 2021Land Bashers, Monitors
Shirehampton Road Bridge - Canford Road BridgeSome Balsam in stretches - late developing in 2020Limited scrub, banks difficult to access.From June 2021. Clearance has started - Balsam in flowerLand Bashers, Water Bashers, Monitors
From Canford Rd Bridge to Dingle Car ParkDense Balsam - 2 major stands set back from the river. Limited scrubMostly cleared June21. Monitor and return for stragglersLand Bashers, Water Bashers, Monitors
Blaise Estate: Confluence of the Trym and Hazel BrookDense and well-established Balsam - some of it well away from the river bank. Far less seen in some areas than in 2020!Overgrown scrub, some steep banksCleared from Car Park to Confluence. Several sessions held at Confluence and more required.Land Bashers, Water Bashers, Monitors
Blaise: Stratford Mill - Henbury Road - West BankWell established stands now in flower. Steep slope - difficult to access.Access from the river or down the slopeWork has started - further action requiredWater Bashers, Scrambling Bashers, Monitors
Blaise: Stratford Mill - Henbury Road: East BankWell established Balsam - limited scrub.Access from the footpathMostly cleared between 26/6 and 2/7 - further work requiredLand Bashers, Monitors
Blaise: Hazel Brook and River Trym banks from Dingle Car Park to Henbury RoadWhere river is shallow, odd plants growing in isolation. Access from the riverCleared 6/7Water Bashers
Henbury Golf CourseSome Balsam - now in flower. Should be manageable in one sessionPrivate Land, events need to be coordinated with Golf ClubAssessed 23/7Land Bashers, Water Bashers?
From Golf Course through Westbury VillageLimited Balsam due to individual bashers.Some Private Land, ladder access may be required in Westbury VillageCleared June 2021. Area being monitoredMonitors
Badocks Wood
Well-managed Balsam - limited plants in woodland shadeNesting birdsJul-21None
Westbury Wildlife ParkWell-managed Balsam - limited plants.Nesting birdsJul-21None
Trym Valley SouthmeadOn the river banks between Trowbridge Road and Shetland RoadAccess from the riverRegular checks - Balsam has not appeared this year. Last reviewed 22/7Monitors
Crow Lane Open SpaceWell-established balsam - first tackled 2020. Limited scrub. Accessible from the river and footpaths. River too deep for wellies in some parts3 events now held. Working systematically from Tormarton Crescent towards Crow Lane. - one further river session requiredWater Bashers, Land Bashers, Monitors
From Open Space to Cribbs CausewayTBCLand ownership?Monitoring walk scheduled before end JulyTBC