Balsam Map 2021 – First Draft

This page shows where we have found and removed Himalayan Balsam before. We’ll be keeping it uptodate as we identify and then clear the Balsam during the year. If you know of other areas that need some resource, please let us know.

Balsam Status Report
LocationStatusSite Constraints2021 ActivityResource Required
From mouth of the Trym to Shirehampton Road BridgeLimited Balsam - increasing density towards Shirehampton Road in shrubLimited scrubFrom June 2021Land Bashers, Monitors
Shirehampton Road Bridge - Canford Road BridgeSome Balsam in stretches - late developing in 2021Limited scrub, banks difficult to access.From June 2021Land Bashers, Water Bashers, Monitors
From Canford Rd Bridge to Dingle Car ParkDense Balsam - 2 major stands set back from the river. Last cleared July 2020Limited scrubFrom June 2021Land Bashers, Monitors
Blaise Estate - Confluence of the Trym and Hazel BrookDense and well-established Balsam - some of it well away from the river bankOvergrown scrubFrom July 2021Land Bashers, Monitors
Blaise: Stratford Mill - Henbury Road - West BankWell established stand. Steep slope - difficult to access.Access from the river or down the slopeJun-21Water Bashers, Scrambling Bashers, Monitors
Blaise: Stratford Mill - Henbury Road: East BankWell established Balsam - limited scrub.Access from the footpathFrom June 2021Land Bashers, Monitors
Blaise: Hazel Brook and River Trym banks from Dingle Car Park to Henbury RoadWhere river is shallow, odd plants growing in isolation. Access from the riverJun-21Water Bashers
Henbury Golf CourseSome Balsam - managed by Golf Club, but would welcome helpPrivate Land, events need to be coordinated with Golf ClubFrom June 2021Land Bashers, Water Bashers?
From Golf Course through Westbury VillageLimited Balsam due to individual bashers.Some Private Land, ladder access may be required in Westbury VillageFrom June 2021Land Bashers, Scrambling Bashers
Badocks Wood,
Westbury Wildlife Park
Well-managed Balsam - limited plants in woodland shadeNoneJul-21None
Trym Valley SouthmeadOn the river banks between Trowbridge Road and Shetland RoadAccess from the riverJun-21Water Bashers
Crow Lane Open SpaceWell-established balsam - first tackled 2020.Limited scrub. Accessible from the river and footpathsFrom June 2021Water Bashers, Land Bashers, Monitors
From Open Space to Cribbs CausewayTBCLand ownership?TBCTBC