Himalayan Balsam

In 2020 a group of groups agreed to form a group to improve the ecology of the Trym river system.  At their second meeting, in March 2021 it was agreed that one of the two projects that would be undertaken would be monitoring water quality of the system and removing all the visible Himalayan Balsam.  

The removal of the Himalayan Balsam (balsam) will not be easy.  Balsam is an invasive plant and highly successful at colonising river systems.  It suppresses native plants.  It is an annual capable of growing to 4m in height and propelling its seeds up to 7m.  The seeds will successfully travel downstream and colonise new areas each year.  The seeds will remain viable for some years if they do not germinate.

To be a success all the balsam in the river system will need to be eliminated and the area monitored continuously thereafter to prevent any rogue plants from recolonising.

Balsam Bashing Plan Time Line

Balsam Map

To report Himalayan Balsam sightings, please complete and submit this form: Report Balsam to be cleared.

If you’ve cleared some Himalayan Balsam, please complete and submit this form: Report Balsam that has been removed. We’ll update our to-do lists. We’ll also be compiling a record of all the work carried out in 2021 and submitting an overview to the city council and other interested parties.