Trym Fish Survey 2014

Information from a Government Report on the Trym from 2014

Peter Coleman-Smith has uncovered the following.

I looked into the Government data on fish in the Trym catchment – and found that there was an electro-fishing survey undertaken in June 2014. I’ve tried various searches and this was the only data on the Trym catchment I could find. I’ve down loaded the data and played with it a bit. Very interesting. See graph below:

So, as recently as summer 2014 there were brown trout in the Trym. This date is after the pollution event I’ve heard about (but have no details on) which occurred in 2013. I see this as pretty positive. Very interesting how bullheads (imagine a freshwater goby) are present in the Trym at Combe Dingle but not upstream of that in any numbers. Also 3 spined stickebacks are the main species upstream of this on both tributaries. That said, this was was round of surveying – so who knows what the prior/subsequent trends have been and what the current fish population looks like.