Cleaning the Trym on Sunday 26 January

Volunteer Who Cleaner 10 sacks of Rubbish from the Trym between Shirehampton Road and Blaise Estate

As part of their campaing to improve the river Trym and its surrondings 20 people took part in two litter crearing activities on the Trym on Sunday. One Group Tackled the Trym between Blasie Estate and Shirehampton Road and the other tackled the Trym Valley in Southmead.

After getting wet and tired this was the rubbished cleared from the Trym Valley in Southmead by a group of SusWoT volunteers.

SusWoT has been removing rubbish from the Trym for about 18 months now. The dream is that one day there will be Trout in the Trym.

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