Cleaning up the Southmead Trym Valley

SusWoT February Litter and River Cleaning

Sustainable Westbury-on-Trym (SusWoT) are a group based in Westbury. One of their objectives is to improve the areas along the river Trym and Hazel Brook. On Sunday 23 February a group of about 10 of them spent a couple of hours clearing the river Trym of rubbish and picking litter from the surrounding green space.

Cleaning the Trym Valley Sunday 23 February

SusWoT have held at four litter picks on the Trym Valley in Southmead in the last two years. Many other groups have also done litter picks there. There was a great deal of litter around the perimeter of the valley originally but this is now significantly reduced.

Southmead is one of the sources of the Trym and so any pollution that in it will be carried right the way down to the Avon in Sea Mills. This makes it particularly important to get out plastic and other harmful things.

About 10 people took part in the litter pick, most concentrating on the section furthest from Doncaster Road, between Trowbridge Road and Shetland Road, here about 15 sacks of rubbished were collected. The grill by Doncaster Road was clear again and two people worked there way from Doncaster Road to Trowbridge Road. By Trowbridge Road a few car tyres were pulled out of the water and a new green Giant bike was found in the tunnel under Trowbridge Road.

The bike after it had been pulled out of the water was taken to Southmead Police Station. The Police were not interested in the bike so it was decided to take the bike to the Bike Project in Montpelier, who were very grateful.

SusWoT and those working with SusWoT to keep the Trym tidy are always looking for people to help. If you are interested in helping please email

Map showing where SusWoT were litter picking.

SusWoT work closely with Bristol Waste and Bristol Parks. All the rubbish collected on the 23rd was reported to Bristol Parks who collected it first thing on Monday morning.

Two ducks enjoying the Trym after it was cleaned on Sunday 23 February
Some litter pickers with one of SusWoT biggest hauls of litter about 25 sacks
A bike was found in the large tunnel on the right.
After the litter pick

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