Clearing the Woodland in the Trym Valley Sea Mills

Every Friday (and every Sunday) Trout in the Trym runs an activity to remove litter and rubbish from the Trym river system or the surrounding green area. On Friday we arrived at the Trym to find the tide was in and so it was impossible to clean the river, too muddy and too deep. So we contininued the work to remove the litter from the woodlands that run along the side of Sea Mills Lane and from Shirehampton towards the station. As you can see we found four very full sacks of rubbish in a couple of hours and there is more to be had.

The litter is not easy to see as it is very old, some crisp packets had useby dates from the last millenium. The vast majority of rubbish was within 3m of the road and had probably just been lobbed over the fence.

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